It should be fairly obvious what we do. So instead of wasting everyones time with marketing bollocks, we thought we'd just explain where our name comes from. Sitting comfortably?

When he was twelve, james's uncle took him on his first motorcycle ride. The uncle advised him not to tell his Dad. So he told his dad to see what would happen. Motorcycles going down like a bag of shit is what happened. 'Motorcycles are death machines, son.' was the concluding advice.

Such advice clearly fell on deaf ears. And so, thirty (ish) years later, we named our company after all those completely ignored words of wisdom. Sorry, Mr. Hilton. But also 'thanks!'. But also, 'sorry'. But also 'hahaha!'.

Just to point out in case you were wondering: we don't make machines that are designed to cause death to you, or anyone else. All our bespoke motorcycles are engineered to the highest standards and mechanical safety comes above everything. That said, we aren't responsible for how you ride, or for how anyone else drives, or walks, or talks on their mobile while listening to music and crossing the road without looking. The safest thing to do is not to ride. But where's the fun in that?